Learn About Copper Rain Gutters

Copper rain gutters will add timeless beauty to your home's exterior. Learn about some attributes of copper gutter systems. Then, review the services that your general contractor will conduct when preparing and installing your new copper rain gutters.


Copper is a metal that is resistant to corrosion. It features an unfavorable surface for moss and algae to grow on. Copper naturally develops a patina over time. The patina (greenish, brownish film) is a result of oxidation. The film adds character and charm to copper and can greatly beautify a rain gutter system.

Copper is a hardy metal that will last for many years. Investing in a copper rain gutter system will result in not needing to purchase a replacement gutter system for many decades.

Contractor Services

A general contractor who specializes in rain gutters will need to install a copper gutter system. Copper gutter systems are much heavier than vinyl, aluminum, or steel gutter systems. The weight of a copper system may necessitate special equipment to install the copper pieces.

Once copper sections have been cut and hung, a soldering process will be used to attach the gutter sections to the downspout. 

Copper Gutter Pieces

Copper gutter systems come in many shapes and sizes. Seamless and sectional gutter designs are used to construct copper gutter systems. Gutter and downspout pieces may feature a rounded or square shape.

A contractor can construct a custom gutter system. A custom system will be designed to complement the aesthetics of a home's exterior. End caps, hangers, and other accessories that are constructed of copper can be attached to a gutter system.

If a traditional downspout isn't preferred, a contractor may recommend the use of a gutter chain. A chain is a drainage device that hangs down from a gutter system's drain hole. A gutter chain is a decorative drainage device that will route water from the gutter system to the ground. 

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards will prevent copper gutter sections from becoming clogged. They will also block debris from accumulating in each gutter section. A general contractor will prepare the layout of a new gutter system. Then, they will recommend a gutter guard product that will either fit inside of the gutter pieces or clip onto them.

There are various materials used to construct gutter guards, including nylon and metal. Once a gutter guard product has been selected, a general contractor will determine the length and width needed for each guard product that will be installed.

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