Frequently Asked Questions About Biological Growth on Roofs

Biological growth on roofs can be both a sign that your roof may be in need of repair and can cause your roof to need repair. Biological growth that can occur on roofs includes algae, moss, lichen, mildew, and mold. If you have biological growth on your roof, you need to have your roof cleaned and inspected to determine what repairs may be needed. Unfortunately, this topic is not something that many people are familiar with, and as such, they have many questions. Here are a few of the questions that you may have about biological growth on roofs. 

What Types of Roofs Can Biological Growth Grow On?

Biological growth is most likely to grow on asphalt tiles and wood shingle roofs. However, biological growth can grow on almost any type of roofing material, including metal panels, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and EPDM membranes, given the right conditions. 

Why Does Biological Growth Grow on Roofs?

Biological growth can develop and grow on roofs if the roof is damp, moist, or wet, and the right bacteria or fungus is present. As such, biological growth is more likely to occur if your roof is not draining properly. If water puddles on any part of your roof during a rain storm, it is not draining properly and roof repair may be needed to solve this problem. 

What Types of Damage Can Biological Growth Cause on a Roof? 

Biological growth can be damaging to your roof. It can leave behind stains that can be unsightly. The material itself can also cause roofing materials to crack as the material attempts to anchor itself in place and grow on your roof. If large amounts of biological growth are present, it can weigh down your roof, which may lead to your roof caving in in certain spots. Your roof should always be inspected after biological growth has been removed to determine if roof repairs are needed. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Clean Your Roof? 

While you can clean your roof yourself and remove biological growth, it is strongly recommended that you leave this task to a roofing contractor. Your roof can be slippery when biological growth is present. Additionally, you can cause more damage to your roof by cleaning it improperly. A roofing contractor can properly and safely clean your roof and rid it of biological growth. 

 If you have biological growth on your roof, you should have your roof immediately cleaned by a roofing contractor. Your roof then should be inspected to determine why the growth is growing and if it has caused any damage. You may need roof repair to prevent water from puddling on your roof or to fix any problems the growth may have caused. Reach out to a roofing contractor to schedule your appointment. 

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