How A Commercial Exterior Painting Company Gives Your Building A Fresh Look With New Paint

A clean and well-maintained building is important for making a good impression on your customers no matter what kind of business you operate. To keep your building attractive, you'll probably need to paint it every few years.

This can be tricky for a commercial building when you have customers coming and going all day. However, a commercial exterior painting company has experience dealing with issues that arise with various types of businesses, so they'll disrupt your operations as little as possible. Here are the steps involved in commercial exterior painting.

Wash The Walls And Make Repairs

One reason a professional paint job looks so much better than DIY painting is that professionals take the time to prep the walls carefully. They wash the walls to get rid of stains, dirt, and bug nests. They also make repairs to the walls and scrape off old paint if needed. Proper wall preparation makes the new paint stick better and makes the walls look smooth and flat with few imperfections.

Apply The Paint While Avoiding Customers

Your building may need to be painted a section at a time so the crew can stay out of the way of customers. Painting might be done with rollers and brushes or spraying. Spraying is the fast way to paint a building, but it's harder to do around entrances where people are nearby.

If you have a multiple-story building, the painters may need to work from a boom lift, and the crew needs to find a place to put the lift so it's out of the way yet safe and stable. Professional painters make crisp lines and give your building a tidy look without paint drips and streaks left behind.

While the painters need to work fast to get their equipment out of the way, commercial painters are very careful when painting walls and trim so the results have a professional finish and make your building look well cared for.

Part of the success of your commercial exterior painting job depends on the type of paint you choose. Color is important, but so is quality. High-quality paint is more expensive, but if your budget will allow it, the high-quality paint will give the best results when it comes to adhering well, covering old paint, and having a long life.

Exterior painting can be a big job if you have a big building. The disruption might be annoying, but it's worth it when you see the results. Your new paint job should last for a few years, but that depends on the environment around the building. When your building starts looking old and worn again, it's time to call the commercial exterior painting company for another coat of paint. 

Contact a local commercial exterior painting company for more information. 

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