5 Reasons To Choose An Aluminum Patio Cover

For those looking to extend their enjoyment of the backyard, a patio cover can provide the shade you need for summertime. Aluminum patio covers are one option that you should consider. They offer many benefits, especially when compared to other types of patio shade covers.

1. Heat Reflection

A cooler summer patio awaits you beneath an aluminum cover. The metal will naturally reflect the sun, which will result in a cooler patio area beneath the covering. You can also have the top of the cover painted white or another light color to increase its reflectivity and cooling ability. There are also UV-resistant solar coatings that further help reflect and prevent a heat sink from forming beneath the cover.

2. Low Maintenance

Aluminum covers are one of the lowest maintenance patio covers you can choose. The metal is resistant to rust and corrosion as it is, but most modern patio covers are sealed in a powder-coated finish that even further protects them. In general, aluminum covers require absolutely no maintenance beyond hosing them off if debris gathers on top. Covers on wooden supports may require a bit more care, as the supports will require periodic painting or sealing.

3. Cost

When it comes to installation costs, aluminum covers are one of the more cost-effective options. This in part has to do with the simple construction method, with requires only a few supports and a roofing frame to hold the aluminum panels. The other reason aluminum is cost effective is that it is likely the last cover you will need to install, as it will probably last a lifetime with minimal maintenance costs. 

4. Ornamental Designs

You want your patio cover to complement your home and landscaping design. With aluminum covers, you can customize it to look just how you want. For example, you can opt for simple timber supports for a cabin-style home or go with fancy faux Corinthian columns for an old colonial look home. 

5. Four Season Use

An aluminum cover can serve you no matter the weather. You can enjoy shade on hot days or a bit of overhead protection from moisture on a rainy day. Fabric covers, another popular option for patios, are typically only useful for shade as moisture can cause mold and wind will destroy them. With an aluminum patio cover, you can enjoy some time sitting outside, no matter the weather. 

Contact a patio cover construction service if you are ready to add some shade to your outdoor seating areas. 

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