Recommendations To Hire And Arrange Work From A General Contractor

There may be many different projects and work that you are able to do on your own with the knowledge you have or by watching videos online to instruct you through the process. However, there are going to be specific jobs that you are not willing to try on your own and want to leave up to a professional contractor. Here are some recommendations to help you hire and arrange work with a general contractor to complete a project on your property.

Get Multiple Bids

When you are seeking out a professional contractor to complete work on your property, you will want to start out by getting several different bids for the work. This will allow you to get an idea of how much the market cost of your work is and guide you to choose someone to complete the work. A good recommendation is to get at least two to three bids on the same project. 

You may find that the bids will range in price; some may be very similar in price and others may be higher or much lower than the others. As a rule of thumb, disregard the bid that is too low or way too high. If the bid is much lower than average, the contractor may not provide the same level of quality. If they are pricing the job too high, then you can trust that their labor or other costs are much more expensive. When you have at least two other bids in the same range well below an expensive bid, you can disregard the higher bid.

Get a Clear Contract

Once you have chosen a contractor to complete the work, make sure you get a contract written up to clarify its details and protect the interests of you and the contractor. Make sure the pricing is included in the contract, which should include specifics of the job and individual costs for the work and the supplies. This includes if you want specific products or materials used in the work. Make sure it is outlined as such in the contract.

Also include an estimated completion date and when the work will start. It is also a good idea to make sure the contractor gets lien releases for the project so if your contractor does not pay their costs with other subcontractors or suppliers, it will not put a lien on your property and you won't be held liable.

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