3 Surprising Signs Of A Roof Leak

Water leaks that are left unaddressed have the potential to wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home.

When a roof starts to leak, it can be challenging for homeowners to spot the lead right away. You may not see a visible water stain on your ceiling or see water dripping from the roof in your attic.

There are some more subtle signs that can indicate your roof is leaking and needs repairs. Learn more about these surprising symptoms so that you will be prepared to invest in speedy repairs for your roof.

1. Damaged Flashing

Metal flashing is used by roofing contractors to reinforce vulnerable areas on your home's roof. You will see flashing around most of the corners and joints in your roof, as well as where the walls intersect with the roof.

Damage to your flashing weakens its ability to prevent moisture from seeping through. Cracks, pinholes, and tears in metal flashing create avenues for water to infiltrate your roof.

It's important to inspect your flashing often so that you can have a roofing contractor replace any damaged flashing before a small leak turns into a major problem.

2. Damaged Shingles

The shingles on your roof are meant to protect the underlying roof decking against moisture damage. When shingles become damaged, water can easily start to leak in your home.

Shingle damage can take on many forms. You may see shingles that are torn or missing completely. You could also spot shingles that have been warped by prolonged exposure to the sun. Hail, tree limbs, and pests can also damage your shingles by puncturing holes through the shingles.

A roofing contractor will be able to replace any damaged shingles and stop water leaks before they damage the structural integrity of your home if you reach out for help as soon as you spot shingle damage.

3. Damaged Gutters

The rain gutters on your home are designed to move moisture away from the roof and walls. When these gutters sustain any type of damage, water isn't moved properly, resulting in the formation of a leak. Check your gutters for any leaks or rust that might indicate they have been compromised.

You should contact your roofing contractor to replace damaged gutters as quickly as possible. Roofing repairs will restore the proper flow of water and protect your home against the dangers of hidden leaks caused by faulty rain gutters.

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