Need a New Roof? Tips to Help You Select the Right Roofer

A great roof is one of the most important components of a sound home. You may have recently noticed that leaks seem to be springing up or shingles can't seem to stay attached to your roof and know it's time for a replacement. If this is the first time you've ever had to invest in a new roof, the information below can serve as a quick guide to help you choose a roofer to work with.

1. Choose a Licensed and Bonded Roofer

Now that many people obtain data about services from online reviews, it's still important for you to see concrete evidence of credentials with your very own eyes. There could be a roofer who has page after page of rave reviews on the Internet but it is vital for you to confirm that the contractor is licensed and backed by a bond. 

A licensed roofer will typically be proud of their skill and showcase this by placing their certificate or license in a very prominent place. Some carry wallet-sized licenses on their person at all times and others will hang their credentials in a brick-and-mortar shop for all to see. Ask any roofer if their certification is still current before choosing that particular person because you want to make sure they have kept their skills up-to-date.

Also, be sure to inquire about whether or not the roofer is bonded. A bond is a form of protection for you so that if the roofer is not able to complete the job the bonding company can send over another roofer without you having to pay for the work all over again.

2. Ask For References and See the Finished Product For Yourself

When a roofer does an amazing job for a client, that individual is usually are very happy to vouch for the services. Ask roofers to produce references and, if they are available, ask for pictures of the work. Contact the references to see how pleased they were with the roofer to ensure you are selecting a professional who knows how to apply craftmanship and skill to every roof they touch.

Getting a new roof can boost the value in your home and make you feel much safer when you are inside of it. Begin by checking out the options in your area and use the suggestions above to narrow down the list. Learn more by contacting local roofing companies. 

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