When To Hire A Commercial Electrician For Your Project

If you are a general contractor or have hired one to complete a project on your behalf, then you may be wondering if an electrician is needed, and what kind. Commercial electricians are an important part of installing complicated wiring systems or maintaining current ones when you don't need the assistance of an industrial electrician.

Commercial Wiring Installation

One of the most common jobs for any electrician, residential or otherwise, is the installation of electrical wiring systems in new homes or buildings. This job is typically far above the skill set of the average property owner or even many general contractors, and it's generally dangerous to install your own wiring system without knowing how. It's important to note that commercial wiring systems are different than residential ones, as they typically handle higher voltages split between multiple "legs" or pathways within the system. If you need electricity in a new commercial building, call a commercial electrician.

Commercial Wiring Maintenance

Due to the voltage differences between residential and commercial electrical systems, and maintenance of the electrical system of a commercial building also needs to be done through commercial electrical services. Additionally, both the installation and the continued maintenance of the commercial electrical system must follow certain building codes, which not only includes regulations around wiring voltages but also circuit breakers, the location of the wires, the temperature of the wire at any given usage, and cable protection. These regulations differ between residential and commercial buildings. As such, you'll want commercial electricians for any commercial job.

Non-Industrial Work

The only time where it is beneficial to choose another type of electrician, even though you are working on a commercial building, is when you require electrical work in an industrial environment. Large machinery and manufacturing appliances generally found in an industrial facility differ greatly from the retail stores and offices that a commercial electrician deals with, and they're more complicated as well. Plus, the electrical codes and regulations around industrial plants are more extensive than commercial ones given the inherent danger of working in an industrial environment. As such, even though industrial facilities are part of the commercial industry, you'll want to hire an industrial electrician instead.

Commercial electricians work with commercial buildings and their wiring systems for both installation and long-term maintenance. They are skilled in handling higher three-phase voltages, as well as the required commercial building codes. If you need an electrician for a commercial, non-industrial building, then find a commercial electrician in your area today. 

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