Septic System Tips for Its Maintenance and Management

When you live in a rural area or where city sewer connections are not available, you have the responsibility of installing and maintaining your own property septic system. This septic tank and its system will collect and manage your household sewage for a safe and clean environment inside and outside your home. But it is essential to hire a septic professional who is trained in its maintenance to help you take care of it. Here are some tips as you work with your septic professional in the management of your septic tank and system.

Calculate a Maintenance Schedule

There will come a time when your septic tank is filling up to its capacity and it will need to get pumped out. If you don't do this important task in its maintenance, your tank will continue filling with solid waste and the sewage will back up into your home or drain into your drain lines. Both of these circumstances can smell bad and put you at risk of bacteria and diseases from the waste.

But the key to your tank's maintenance is to calculate how often you will need to have your tank pumped. This depends on a few factors with your septic system and your home. Look at how much solid waste your household produces, which includes if you have and use a kitchen disposal. The more members in your household will also increase the amount of solid waste flowing into your tank.

Also, calculate into this schedule the size of your septic tank. Septic tanks come in a variety of sizes of anything from 500 gallons to 2500 gallons. Based on the size, you may be able to go longer between pumpings, but a general guideline is to hire a septic professional to pump your tank every two to five years.

Arrange a septic service call to have them check and inspect the tank. They will be able to tell you the size of your tank capacity and how full it is now and they can pump it right then and give you a good recommendation for a return pumping before it fills to capacity again.

Handle Your Own Maintenance

In addition to hiring septic services, you can also follow some recommendations for a good system function. Don't put trash or other unacceptable items into your septic system through your home toilets or drains. You should only be rinsing toilet tissue and waste down the drain in addition to rinsing dishes to clean them of small food particles. Don't pour grease or oil into your septic system, either.

Watch out for signs of trouble, such as drains and toilets that repeatedly back up, clogs, slow drains, or excessive water near your drain field site. If you smell sewage inside your home or in your yard, contact companies like LP Murray.

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