Composite Vs. Natural Stone Countertops

The countertop in your kitchen has a big effect on the overall style of the whole room. Many people who buy homes with generic countertops will eventually upgrade to a natural stone or composite product. Both can be great upgrades from laminate countertops. This article explains the main differences between natural stones and composite stone products.

Composite Stones Counters

Composite stones obviously do contain some natural stones in them. However, the stones are ground up and mixed together. They are infused with a dyed epoxy which gives the stone its tint. Basically, these products are made to look as much like natural stone as possible, but they obviously don't look 100% authentic. Most people can tell the difference between a natural and composite stone product. 

Obviously, the main reason that people would choose a composite stone is the fact that it cost so much less than most comparable natural stones. But, homeowners also appreciate the fact that composite stones are perfectly sealed and don't need special cleaning or maintenance. Good maintenance of a composite stone countertop just includes cleaning it regularly with an antibacterial surface cleaner.

Natural Stone Counters

You need to reseal natural stones to make sure the pores don't harbor bacteria. Even though natural stones are more expensive and they require more maintenance, many people are still very attracted to them. Stones like marble, quartz, and granite do vary in softness, which has a big impact on how much maintenance they need. A softer stone, like marble, can scratch quite easily if it is not sealed. 

It isn't the best choice in a kitchen. In your kitchen, you also need to worry about bacteria formation when you are preparing rough food on your countertop. With a harder stone like granite, you can often prepare and cut food right on it without having to worry about scratching the surface. But, this is only possible if you do reseal your stone on a regular basis.

If you do this, it is usually necessary to reseal and natural stone countertop once every few years. This is not a particularly difficult project, but sealant can be expensive. Basically, real stone countertops need a lot more TLC than composite products. However, they are often worth it if you want to add more style and class to your cabinet system. As long as you seal natural stone, it will remain a sturdy, stylish, and sanitary surface for all of your food prep.

For more information, contact your local kitchen remodeling service.

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