3 Ways To Botch A Crane Rental

Most construction projects require a crane to complete the project. Not all construction companies outright own their cranes, which means that rentals are necessary. Renting a crane differs from leasing other types of construction equipment. You must be careful during the rental process or you could make one of the following mistakes.

Failing to Account for the Site Conditions

When it comes to construction cranes, there are several types. One of the considerations you must make when deciding which one is right for your project is the condition at the site. Each crane works in specific environments and if you fail to consider this, you could end up with a crane that is useless.

For instance, a mobile crane is one of the most versatile. It can be used in almost all situations, but can be useless in especially uneven dirt terrains. By contrast, a rough terrain crane would be well-suited for the uneven ground. Whereas an overhead crane is sometimes too large for a trailer, a loader crane would fit perfectly in the space.

Overlooking Updated Specifications

If you and your workers have used a crane in the past, you likely are comfortable with using the equipment. Unfortunately, being comfortable with equipment from the past could have a negative impact on how successful you are using rental equipment now.

Specifications for cranes change on a periodic basis. If you and your workers are not familiar with the latest specifications, you could inadvertently rent the wrong equipment and incorrectly use it. Improper usage can present a safety hazard. Take the time to verify the specifications before renting the equipment.

Not Understanding a Lift's Reach

Understanding the limitations of a crane's reach is important. If you or your workers overestimate or underestimate the reach, the crane could be used in areas that it is not safe to do so. The missed estimation could cause the crane to be thrown off balance, which could lead to an accident.

Before selecting a crane, make sure you understand the limitations of its reach and where it can be safely used. If you need to, you can opt for more than one crane to make sure you have the equipment available for the jobs needed. You also need to make sure the proper setup for the crane is in place.

Renting a crane has other considerations that should be made. Work with the rental company, like Radius Project, to ensure that your equipment needs are met. 

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