How To Add Sustainability To An Existing Roof

While old homes can stand the test of time, it is always unfortunate that the roof does not. The roof of a home is the frontline defense against all the harsh elements of weather, so at some point, it is bound to give in and need replacing. When this happens, you will need to hire a professional roof repair contractor to replace it or repair it for you. Now, replacing a roof is not an easy feat, nor is it cheap, so you have to plan for it. In the meantime, before you do that, you can stabilize your roof to prevent it from caving in and causing damages.

From The Inside

If you can access your attic, it will be quite an easy task to stabilize your roof from inside the house. If you want to go DIY, you will need to construct braces that will help push your roof upwards and support it. Be very careful while doing this in your attic. Measure the roof from the overhead to the floor at the area where the roof is stable and not sagging. This will be the height of the brace you should make. Use thick square wooden posts, similar to those used to erect a fence. Ask them to measure and cut the wood according to your measurements. Be very careful while installing the posts to avoid your roof from caving in completely. The support should be able to stabilize your roof for a few months until your organize yourself and install a new roof.

From The Outside

Stabilizing a roof from outside is the daunting task. If you intend to do it yourself, you should know that it will be very tricky to achieve because you will obviously need to climb up and walk on the roof without causing more damages to it. You need to get a series of wood planks and construct them intersecting, similar to a hash tag. The end of the planks should be secured to solid beams so that you can use them to maneuver around and so that they can secure the roof. Once secure, nail the solid parts of the roof to it to keep the roof from collapsing. This will not save you much time and you will need to hire a roofing contractor soon.


If you are not much of a DIY person, you can have an expert roof repair contractor, like one from Combustible Care, come over to check your roof and stabilize it for you until you can replace it.

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