3 Exterior Areas Of Your Commercial Building To Paint If You Can't Afford A Full Paint Job

Being a small business owner who owns a commercial building can pose some financial challenges and hardships at times. Specifically, a commercial building must have upkeep and attention to keep it looking as professional as possible through the years, such as a fresh coat of paint. If you find yourself in a tight spot with your budget but your commercial building needs a paint job, you can get by temporarily by hiring exterior painting services to paint only on specific features. Here are a few exterior points of your commercial property to have painted when you need a new look with a low cost. 

Paint the most noticeable features on the front of the store. 

The area around your entryway, the columns on the building, the extended roof sections visible to onlookers–all of these are parts of your commercial building that attract attention. If these spots have chipping or peeling paint or a color that has faded, it is time to add a fresh coat of color for a more consistent look. Even if you don't have the entire building painted, just having these areas painted can give the building a more updated appearance. 

Paint the sign posts. 

The signs that lead people to your place of business are always noticed, but so are the fixtures that hold those signs in place, such as the posts that hold your signage erect in the parking lot. Whether you have an older sign or a newer one, if the post supporting the sign does not look updated, it makes your place of business look a bit outdated and unkempt. Have a professional painter give these outdated fixtures a layer of color to bring them up to date.

Paint the concrete fixtures in the parking lot. 

If your business parking area is like most other business properties, it is filled with different concrete fixtures for reasons that involve both style and function. A few examples would be things like:

  • Concrete bases that support light posts
  • Concrete barriers in between parking spaces
  • Concrete planters for plants and trees
  • Concrete curbs around landscaped areas

These fixtures are normally painted for visibility and safety, and since they are out in the elements, their paint and color can fade pretty quickly until they look pretty bad. Just having these painted can make the exterior of your property look much better, and this really is not a big project. For more information, contact companies like Blue Star Painting Company.

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