The Perks Of Fiber Cement Siding

Most people think of vinyl first when it comes to exterior siding for residential properties, but there are so many other great options on the market. Fiber cement is one exciting product that is becoming more and more popular. This article explains exactly what fiber cement siding is, and why it is ideal when you're considering siding installation.

What is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement is basically a composite mixture of cement fibers that are held together with light weight, water resistant epoxies. This gives it the look of real cement, but with just a the overall weight. Because it is so lightweight and water resistant, the material is perfect for exterior siding. It isn't much heavier than vinyl siding, so it can be installed over most existing sidewalls.

Different Shapes and Sizes

Just like vinyl siding, fiber cement comes in panel and tiles of a variety of sizes and shapes. Panels are popular because they are not too large, yet they are easy to install. Shingles are smaller, but the installation process is a little longer because there are so many more individual pieces. Most products have some sort of texture, So the surface looks rougher than vinyl. The various available finishes mean that you can find a fiber cement style, color, and texture to match just about any home style, whether it is rustic or extremely modern.

Painting Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding pieces are pre-dyed, but they can also be painted. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of fiber cement over vinyl. Vinyl siding is not a product that you can effectively paint because the surfaces too smooth. However, fiber cement can be painted after it is installed. Nonetheless, most people choose a dyed product so they don't need to worry about painting it. Homeowner still like having option of repainting their sighting if they ever want to update their home's color scheme.

Fiber Cement is an Eco-Friendly Product

Many homeowners also love the fact the fiber cement is actually a very eco-friendly product. To cement fibers used to create The panels are usually taken from the leftovers and byproducts created during the construction of various concrete products. Recycling and reusing this leftover material is an eco-friendly process.

It is easy to see why fiber cement is becoming such a popular siding material in both residential and commercial construction. It is an eco-friendly, stylish, easy to maintain, and affordable siding product.

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